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lovejoy69 wrote:
hi guys can anyone help me with numbers to free party in london got three that dont work been away 5 years need to get back into party vibe

pleeeeeeeese somebody help:horay:

hi there and welcome to partyvibe!

a lot has happened in 5 years

violent scum have rinsed all the “londonistan” parties

and cops have clamped down big time.

no one uses partylines much any more unless they want a “chavs vs cops cockney stab up session” where “bare heads get shanked and nuff people have to go whittington and homerton 2 get patched up innit”

a lot of the free party people are now moving their events into licensed venues but with a similar low door tax and security so people don’t get turned over.

you haven’t missed much apart from risks to your personal safety

parties still happen though – HDFK events are still safe but decent london parties are a lot smaller and you have to know people to find out where they are (usually in smaller squats).

check out our calendar – the new low-cost licensed events are all there; and you will probably see a lot of names of DJ’s/crews you recognise.

BTW I remember your screenname from somewhere, were you on DC?