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kiblik wrote:
:horay: hello,this is my first msg here,

I live in Italy ,exactly inRome and for a long time I followed parties here in Italy and in middle-europe too…now the air seems to be so arid -especially where I live-so I don’t go anymore..BUT I love good vibes,and adore soundsystems…
free party
free people
feed your head
:bounce_m:Illegal raveOn :cyclop_1:

Apologies to those not fluent in the Italian language, but just trying to make the guy feel more at home seeing as I know what’s it’s like to be new (and for that matter to be an Italian partying in the UK)

CIAO amico! Come va?

Sono qua in Inghilterra da 16 anni allora non e’ che ho fatto molto party in Italia perche’ mi son spostato da Milano a l’eta’ di 10 anni.

Com’era la scena in Italia? Bella una volta? Adesso com’e’? Chiedo perche’ vado in Italia in estate e mi piacerebbe andare a un paio di party.

Va be, basta da me altrimenti il resto del gruppo si stuffa perche’ non capiscono!

Thanks for the patience people!