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    Hi im new to PartyVibe, i recently moved to sheffield to go to university and im keen to try and get in on the free party scene! I love electonic music, particularly the stuff of the 90s (orbital being my favourite band… if you can call them a band not sure if two people counts xP) and very much want to get into raving and free parties since i think clubbing is an overated bag of horse turd and i cant be arsed to pay the prices of buying booze at all never mind what they charge in those places 😛 plus if i couldve been a teenager during the early 90s id give my right arm just to go back and see how it was! if anyone could help me out id appreciate it 🙂 i understand the legality issues of mentioning how to get into the scene but anything really, even pointers on how to find people who can tell me whould help, cheers