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    General Lighting wrote:
    Good to hear everythings going well ….

    are none of your friends (or your partners friends) willing/able to help with sorting out the flat (presumably in the days when you were raving lots of people would have chilled round your house?)

    I guess you are obviously getting to a stage when you don’t want to be climbing up ladders and stuff…..

    Yeah im getting lots of help, but im being fussy on how the paintings done, imo, if youre gonna do it do it properly, and getting a bunch of stoners to help dont always mean this is the case. My partner has been banned from painting, along with my male friends, and they are now in charge of all the handy work….mans work….surely they cant get that wrong????!!!!!:crazy:

    And yeah, my flat use to be raver central b4 and after paries! Everyones offfered to help, but there is so much to do that needs me there like sorting out belongings etc, its just taking a bit of time. Saying that its been slowed down with the fact im back at work, just for the next 3 weeks to eqarn some extra dollar for the baby. Cant wait to be a lady of leisure again!