Forums The Vibe Chat has zeusmartin got the banning stick? Re: has zeusmartin got the banning stick?


@General Lighting 407770 wrote:

he was playing a game with all you lot, trying to get you to do free consultancy work for his job! Perhaps this is some sort of a bizzare reprisal for scumoween…

of course now his trick is found out, be careful as they can still try and get info out of folk and grass up raves (we’ve had people try this stunt before as well).

what a very strange chap he was then? all of his posts were sooo out of place it was clearly obvious he was not on the level, scumoween has certanly put us inthe public eye, and that is bound to attract mentals!

as allways think before you type!

My nan is gonna be well peeved!