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    @manaman 412386 wrote:

    That 200,000 was in one night, you wake up out work as good as broke a family to feed, food prices out of reach nightly air raids phsyco thugs roaming the steets.

    yep thats pretty much whats happening in the Middle East, TBH we are lucky there aren’t more bombs in UK..

    Do you remember in 2000 down in hastings a gang of serbs on a bus another gang gets on they argue and steam each other with machetes and huge blades, old women and kids on it, in a quite seaside town, the locals went marching in protest of all the crazy fugees, there and dover.

    I only vaguely remember this but similar things happened in Reading where I then lived, I used to have a radio scanner and heard all sorts go of..

    I shouldnt laugh at the rottweiller part its the way you told it

    I’ve been watching crime news across the world since age 8 (Brixton Riots, IRA, all sorts) and have never seen a big hard policeman (their equivalent rank of Detective Chief Inspector) that worried before – although I couldn’t understand all of what he was saying I could tell he was visibly shocked and DCI’s normally deal with a lot of harsh crime. Thats 50kg of dog (trying to stay put), being pulled by 25kg of bike so probably about 100kg+ of thug they are trying to catch :yakk: