General Lighting

You can sometimes find hardstyle events in the North of England and Scotland, though they are less common in the South. In fact I’ve most often heard it at unlicensed events or legal events run by free party crews. If you are in London or the East of the country then it might even be cheaper to go partying in NL!

The difference between acceptance/tolerance affects all music genres and we are now about 10 years behind Holland as far as that is concerned.

People there don’t need to break into warehouses to hold parties as they can clearly get the funding to legitimately rent one and turn it into a safe and fun venue. I only realised this since 2008 when I randomly decided to learn Dutch – although this was more because of my other interests in electronics and technology (as thats a popular hobby in NL too) it means I can delve a little deeper into how and why its so easy to have dance events there but here in England its much harder.