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Suburbass;232246 wrote:
Hi all

if even some people know my name,just to resume who I am and come from :
ex singer in 15 bands (rock,punk,ska,HxC metal,hardrock,heavy metal,bluesrock,jazzrock,technopop,batcave,Nuwave…)
since I’m 14 years old…
first party in 1984 by hazard (Hacienda,Manchester) coz big fan of JoyDivision and Factory Records…
until 84,start with 4×4 beat with sequencer and synth (Casio,Korg,Roland,Yamaha…) guitar,microphon,
a such of technopop,electroclash,EBM…

in 1988/89…discovery of technoid tunes,housemusic (house was the name at this time of all kind of techno made at home…)ravemusic…
begin of 90’s,first freeparties..
1996,finally I decided to go out with my machines to play for partypeople,and then…never stop…

till this time,I played in around more than 600 parties evry where in Europe and away…made about 40 records…

to be continued… smile.gif

Salut Joel :weee:

Bienvenu a Partyvibe 🙂 raaaraaaraaa