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Pat McDonald

@General Lighting 491823 wrote:

in reality not that easy for younger folk going for a comparatively junior rôle to get a “self employed” / “freelance” job in anything other than the skilled trades or if they are very lucky something creative or scientific.

Well, I’m not sure it’s luck. It’s more a case of bloody minded determination to keep going.

I am somewhat reminded of Churchill’s comment on inspecting the Bletchley Park codebreaking scheme; “I know I told you to leave no stone unturned to get staff – but I didn’t expect you to me so literally.”

Innovation depends, to some extent, on an unwillingness to accept “the way things are” and come up with solutions that are demonstrably better. That means bucking the system.

And it is amazing to the extent that the innovators are EXPECTED by “the establishment” to be able to fend for themselves. Put the vast majority of Oxbridge graduates into the role of innovator and they quickly realise that studying books and repeating known formulas does not cut it when coming up with different solutions.