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    Mr Mojo Risin;236504 wrote:
    Why thank you dear friend! I shall toast your good wishes tonight when i visit the inn. I offer you a handful of pride and a good pinch of respect in return.:wink:

    How the feck did my name come up there on the front page? Was posted a couple of weeks ago i think but its there just now? Hmm its a bit early for shrooms and i gave away the last of me last yrs stash last week.. Could this be the work of the almighty one? Am i having a flashback? Love the site. I lost(forgot) my old handle on it so ive just been lurking for last few months.

    Hello all the same! -Mr Mojo Risin-

    This thread does it automatically and to every person! Does trip you out, when i first saw it i thought they were watching me again. :weee:

    Welcome anyway though mate! :love: