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    1. Manix I cant stand it Reinforced
    2. Jumping Jack Frost Armageddon remix Absolute
    3. Manix U Held my Hand Reinforced
    4. DJ Eye Spy Song for butterflies Directforce
    5. Manix Head in the clouds Reinforced
    6. Dayeene Round the world Faze2
    7. Hypnotist remix a modern Prometheus Rising High
    8. Vitual Reality Make some Noise 786 approved
    10.Hypnotist remix Hardcore u know the score Rising High
    11.Project 1 Roughneck remix Rising High
    12.Ragga twins Good times Shut up + Dance
    13 Raving Mad Addicted to Love 786 approved
    14.Cedric winkleburger Take it Easy Shut up + Dance
    15.Q Bass Hardcore will never die Suburban Base
    16.Magnus Project SHOSS White 02

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