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The new edition of Goagadar Magazine is coming. This excellent production will be available on the end of week with a spectacular CD of Tribal Vision. (see details below)

To the request of several readers we are going to make the possibility to subscribe an annual signature for the three numbers of the magazine, make the guarantee that you will the first to receive our magazine and the CD. Buying this one on our online store.
In this edition:
– Article: Free Party;
– Several interviews, we gave one more time voice to artists of the most different areas, do not lose the interviews of Goasia, Decoy, Side Liner, Oleg Korolev and also a new generation of BNE artists;
– Chronic on the first person of the journey to Mongolia “Expedisound”;
– Report of the new year festivals, Greenspirit in Thailand and Freaks Blast in Portugal;
– The double of VJing Xray Concept describes us a little bit of his art;
– Decor by the collective French PSYLOPAT;
– Art and more…

We remember that our official store have been completely restyled, being now shared by the Quantic Chill Records in the our new address:

Take the advantage of the shipments without any cost for the client and also an offer of the “Goagadar Magazine” and CD in each purchase.

DJ Slater – “Candy Blues”



1.) Fog – Wrong Addiction
Written & produced by Achilleas Dimitracopoulos. Taken from “Fog – Wrong Addiction”.
© 2007 Tribal Vision Records
2.) Roman Rai – Inspiration
Written & produced by Roman Horinek. Taken from “VA – Lime Light vol. 2 by DJ Slater”.
© 2006 Tribal Vision Records
3.) POTS – Hello Kitty (Fitalic remix)
Written & produced by Achim Lüthje & Thomas Wilhelmy. Remix & additional production by Robin Fitter.
Taken from “POTS – Social Success Remixes”.
© 2007 Tribal Vision Records
4.) Roman Rai – Ma Cherie
Written & produced by Roman Horinek.
© 2007 Tribal Vision Records
5.) Parrket – Diffuse & Scatter
Written & produced by Mladen Glavinic.
© 2007 Tribal Vision Records
6.) Fitalic – My Destiny
Written & produced by Roman Horinek. Taken from “Fitalic – Atomic Atmosphere EP”.
© 2006 Tribal Vision Records
7.) Sonic Cube – Cloud Buster (Andre Absolut remix)
Written & produced by Daniel Müller. Remix & additional production by Andre Abt.
Taken from “VA – Street Art by DJ Slater & DJ Schwa”.
© 2005 Tribal Vision Records
8.) Fitalic – Atomic Atmosphere (Thomas Penton remix)
Written & produced by Robin Fitter. Remix & additional production by Thomas Penton.
Taken from “VA – Trash Art by DJ Slater”.
© 2006 Tribal Vision Records
9.) Brisker & Magitman – Single Shot
Written & produced by Roman Brisker & Igal Magitman. Taken from “VA – Trash Art by DJ Slater”.
© 2006 Tribal Vision Records
10.) Tegma – David´s Song
Written & produced by Omar Chelly & Jason Orfanidis. Taken from “VA – Trash Art by DJ Slater”.
© 2006 Tribal Vision Records
11.) Vibrasphere – Floating Free (RPO remix)
Written & produced by Rickard Berglöf & Robert Elster. Remix & additional production by Rick Pier O´Neil.
Taken from “Vibrasphere – Floating Free EP”.
© 2007 Tribal Vision Records

All the tracks licensed courtesy of Tribal Vision Records, Czech Republic.