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@cheeseweasel 455479 wrote:

Dunno mate, tbh I have no money so haven’t really thought about it. I didn’t even know it was halloween until I saw this thread! What’s going on in Bristol this weekend then?

Btw I think I ended up at one of your nights the other week – well it was an old garage in stokes croft with a void rig in it called the “roast beef” or something. There was a guy with a laptop playing some mad experimental techno!

that was us! woop! did you enjoy it? i really liked it, good venue, good music etc i did get far too off my head!har!

its my mates band “the mother beef!” and the experimental techno was another mate “linear”

i think there are plans to take that on a tour next year, ill keep you posted if we do

pm’d re wknd