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i only gamble when i win … i get scratch cards once in a while and litteraly have won every one at least doubling my cash back the last ten times spread over a year or two
i just get an urge and get one .. but other then them few times i never buy them

i allso like to play poker and if i wasn’t too gready when playing i could have made a good few hunderad quid by now i can easyly get from £20 to £50-£60 in a game of poker online .. but end up pushing too hard and looseing it all most of the time .. need to work on that and i would do alot better

my mate once had no cash for his b-day so we bet him a fiver to get a drink that he wouldn’t do a “stunt man” it’s like a tequila slamma except you snort the line of salt and squeeze the lime in your eye … fair play to him as he could of just done a bump of salt .. but decided to rack up a fucking huge line across the bar tabel and snorted the whole lot … and propper opened up his eye and sqeezed the lime directly into it.
He sould really get a job as it would be easy money compared to that imo :laugh_at: