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    Bit of a bounce for an old thread, so sorry but this is a subject that gets me all upset.

    I love vinyl! I have spent thousands on my collection, well maybe 5 or 6k even though I can’t mix for shit and will never get rid of any. :laugh_at:All the gear, no idea!

    Can’t deny that!

    As a spectacle, a dj working with vinyl is so much more impressive than seeing someone swapping cd’s (or just miming along to a pre recorded mix – scum) You are very easily impressed then.

    Well, yep! (wow you’re good)

    The sound cannot be replicated. CD’s sound shit on a big system, on most systems really. Too bright, gets fatiguing after a long time and I always have more ringing in my ears for longer afterwards after a night listening to cddj’s than proper dj’s. It’s a harsh unpleasant sound, vinyl sounds so much more natural, warm, fuller and there’s the character of scratches and pops and crackles… mmm marvellous:you_crazy

    A dude squinting at a laptop, mouse in hand ableton-ing away, yeah it can sound very decent, and the edits and effects are amazing – but remember Richie Hawtin’s decks, efx and 909 mix? 4 decks, a rack of gear and a complete genius and I have never heard anything live that came even close to it. Apart from the man himself obviously! Yes he does great shows now, but I far preferred his vinyl performances

    Surely only a complete twat would subject anyone to hours of high volume mp3’s – wtf is that all about? Heard it many times and it just ruins the party for me. At least play .wavs as was mentioned above. They sound ok.Is that not the fault of the DJ rather than the medium?

    The dj chooses to play the medium – the medium exists to be chosen.. chicken and egg stuff I guess

    Sorry for the rant, I am really saddened by this, and feel so bad for all the record dealers who have lost their businesses

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    This is comming from a vinyl junkie , “Records are dead! Long live lossless formats!”
    Embrace the new technolgy or get left behind with Noah and his Ark , listening to the same tunes over and over ,forever…………………………. raaa

    Same tunes over and over, yep that’s why I no longer go to old school nights

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    5 or 6k worth of records!! don’t you just have a room full of big discs? the sound is better than mp3 but you have to put expensive big plastic discs on decks 😛

    Yeah my loft. It’s good exercise though