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Here lots of Swedish blokes get girls from outside of Sweden.
Well here they say that the women are like men and the men are well… often very feminine.

When immigrants come to Sweden, myself included you go to Swedish for Immigrants and part of the course is learning that here in Sweden women have the same rights as men.
That it is not ok to keep “your women” inside or beat them. They are not commodities to be owned.
And yes there is a need for these lessons here.
I poo pooed it to start with… until I started listening to the men in my group and I became very uncomfortable. They openly laughed about hitting their wives and girlfriends and listing what they could and could not do or else they would get a beating. We had a huge argument in the end as I could not stand to listen to any more of it.

The other issue that many men are too embarrassed to report is the issue of women who beat or attack their partners. Truly disgraceful. Women should get the same penalties for violence. They, like men who do it, should not be allowed to get away with it.