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    I’ve already got a pretty extensive record, none of it for anger related things though, I just don’t want one stupid decision whilst I’m fucked off about something to put me in the position you’re talking about. Basically it was around my 18th that I thought “I really need to sort myself out”, and have been trying since then to calm myself and be less impulsive in negative ways, rather than just letting it happen as I used to. I do drink way too much (something I am also addressing, hopefully it won’t be long before drink is not a problem for me), but I don’t really do class As or even weed that often now, I’m too busy working. (or drinking haha). I have come very fucking close a couple of times to being busted for stuff and I know I need to sort it out, the thought of prison is my main drive behind calming myself, because I do actually have a future ahead of me if I keep my nose out of shit.
    In terms of stimulants causing problems etc., I honestly believe that big free partys etc all the time would seriously fuck me up, and I’m kind of thankful for the fact that the party scene I am involved in is 200 miles away, and I know essentially nothing about the partys around my area. To be honest I don’t really want to know about local parties, a) because I don’t think they’d be as good, but b) because it would just make my head worse doing that every weekend