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Hi Damo,

I’m not very good with track lists (just lazy I guess) but I am happy to tell you the names of any tunes you like.

Off the top of me head…

Early dubstep tunes have a picture of an octopus on the label, ‘got no money for guns’ is by high rankin.
Techno tunes from pounding grooves, emetic records, nerven records, canibal records (the ragga-schranz number with a big build up).
Breakbeat from bassbin twins and skream.
Minimal techno from slam and somebody else I can’t remember.
DnB is mainly from a top cat album.
Ragga-tek/gabba tunes from ‘free shuffle’ records, Candy… and I can’t remember the last one that mixes with…
Dub n Bass (?) tunes from… can’t remember the first one, but the last tune is by Intra:mental.

Sorry I can’t be any more specific, but do ask if you can identify the tunes you especially like (e.g. the one that goes bang!).