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    Hey Ogga, well done mate, it’s tough (but worth it)

    It can be wierd when givin up regarding mates’ reactions.

    You’ve got it sussed really, they probably do feel like they’re losing you, and they are right in a way, its not gonna be exactly the same, but things can settle given time

    Also people can react to a person giving up as a criticism of their own lifestyle/habits. When you’re surrounded by mates doing exactly the same things you’re doing it’s easier to drown out any doubts you may be having. When a party friend gives up it makes those doubts louder, often rasing the volume on issues you don’t really want to face, e.g. I’ve gotta give up

    All these things can make people understandably negative, its a shame they’re voicing them to you rather than dealing with it in a better way.

    I wouldn’t write em off just yet, tho can understand why you would appreciate more support. They’re obviously having problems with it but they’re their problems not yours. If in the long run they don’t come round then you really havent lost good mates, but give it a bit of time i would.

    Good luck, i bin there an its tough but there is life after caning it, an loads of other cool people too! :group_hug