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    ogga wrote:
    hey folks after 5 years of naughtyness i’ve recently given up smoking (weed an the bacci), drinking (cos i tend to work myself up for a blaze afterwards) and pills (cos i mean shit its anything goes after a few beans!)-two weeks down an its been not so bad really, the thing is though…my mates have been dread. okay i understand that they might feel like they’ve lost me in a sense, but still-not only have they been unsupportive, they’ve been like, hurtfull, i’m the kind of chappie that puts himself in other peoples shoes-treat others like you’d like to be treated. man, i’ve been called lame by one, another said i’d not make it a week (and to come an see him with a ten-bit when i fail), boring (only cos im not bunning),stressy and preachy (that was only the once an ive kept it on a short lead). none of the “spot-on lad youve done well” or whatever ive said to other peeps when theyve embarked on the test of tests.they dont understand that this is a turbulant time, and its hard enough without your mates turning against you.i generally ask for nothing in return. but you’d expect your chums to be there for yait just suprised me thats all. before two weeks ago these people were my brothers. now i dont even know if they cut the mustard as my now i just need some new faces-jus dunno where to lookanyway i just needed to get that off my chest-feel a piece pukka for that!rant over folks-any thoughts?safe

    i went thru similar a few yrs ago ..when i give up smokin pot an fags….imy freinds dwindled off til i was left with none that smoke dope…
    i think in life we outgrow some friends and as we are always changing i got to stage where i had nothing in common with them…
    They stopped coming to my house cos they couldnt smoke and really they did me a favour …
    you always find out who your freinds are…true frineds are happy for ya and support you ….if they don’t move on leave em behind ……xx