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    djprocess wrote:
    Let us know. you may get some free cans. My g/f’s been writing complaint letters to supermarkets recently saying she’s found hairs/nails etc in their products. So far we’ve got about £50 worth of free shopping. Quality. And i dont feel bad cause big supermarkets can go get fucked anyway.

    Nah i was bored so i thought i would see if i get a stupid reply 😉

    I only wanted an explanation to why the wings never appeared.

    I bought a can of redbull this morning as I was running late for work, well your advert says “redbull gives you wings” so I came up with the ingenious idea of drinking a can and flying to work (would be cheaper and quicker than the bus)

    Well you can probably understand the huge disappointment I felt when I drank the can and these said wings failed to appear on my back and I was still late for work, I did feel a bit more awake and it sort of assisted in numbing my hang over.

    Well I have tried to blame your company’s false advertising on me being late but obviously my employers had none of it….

    Well anyway back to the point again, can you please explain to me how I go about getting wings from drinking redbull?

    Do I need to mix it with anything, I have tried with Vodka and various other spirits but then I really don’t fly. I tend to fall over which is the complete opposite to what I am trying to achieve here. Well I hope you can explain why I am experiencing this issue.

    Many thanks for your help and I look forward to receiving your reply.

    Kind regards