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    just found these – really impressive for free/donation ware, especially as proper analogue PPM meters are way expensive and hard to get nowadays as the main places stopped making them..

    A PPM meter makes it easier to keep track of the overall level of something like a mix or a radio program – these also have a “over” warning light which reacts instantly (and you can set the level at which it triggers, giving a bit of headroom) – perfect for internet radio or any other kind of digital transmission/recording.

    Clipping on this sounds really nasty (and bad for your listeners speakers and ears!) but its often easy to do by accident epecially if playing vinyl with surface noise, and because meters on most DJ mixers are analogue VU meters.

    if you run this program on the PC sending the stream to your servers it will pick up the soundcard input and display your levels in real time and is much easier to read than the normal “shoutcast encoder” level meters….

    Also useful if you make video/films as these need good sound (something often neglected on many youtubes i’ve seen).

    Most are based around the BBC ME/12 design so the levels “out of the box” are a bit conservative for todays digital audio and other nations use different levels but everything can be changed. there are some of the sound mixers from the curent Doctor Who saying how good the meters are and that they use them. I’ve run a quick test with both a digtal meter and a ME/12 running on the second screen of a cheap Win 7 32 bit laptop, as well as Audacity recording at 48khz sample rate display its own meter real time and all of them are working perfectly raaa

    Audio Level Meter

    Sorry if this derails your topic. Does analouge tapse/vinyl have any level/volume limit? Would this be limited by the groove size/width in vinyl for example?