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    @Mezz 526872 wrote:

    Exactly, our genes determine our potential, and our environment, everything from upbringing, education, indoctrination, media influence, interaction with those in our family & society determine the choices we make……………. we’re basically biological machines and with knowledge of all the variables and a complex enough computer model you could literally see your own future

    This ethos is good and carries a shit load of evidence.
    Iv also found that when societies accept how influences effect behaviour they generally tackle problems better. Instead of believing evil to be a metaphysical power over us they look at how and what causes people to do evil things.

    Still like I said on a simular thread I think people are born with individualism that can be completly seperate from influence. (soul)
    I dunno. I like to stick to science when and where ever possible as it generally solves more problems!

    (appologies for rambles and grammar)