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    The issue here is google were giving us money – but it turns out on the condition we don’t have certain controversial content. its no different from parents choosing a private school for their kid on the condition it follows a certain faith group which happens the world over. What I do not understand is why on earth they did not just refuse the Adsense application at the start, as the subject matter of our forum has never been hidden.

    We are not being told by SOCA or Ofcom or the feds in any other countries that we are doing anything wrong or to censor content (which would me much more of a human rights/free speech issue).

    I doubt that Google are going to de-list us from their search results either, whether or not we discuss drugs on here. they have however made a business decision not to contribute to our funding due to the content in its present form. If we take Option 1, the money Google provided has to be found from elsewhere, or as a worst case some of the more resource intensive parts of the site like the music downloads and radio streams downsized (which obviously no one wants to see happen).