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    funkyfoo;221081 wrote:
    yes forum home would be better, doesnt explain where int he forum you are, and also when reading a topic, just above it is usually the map to where you are in the forum

    i.e. partyvibe>forum>chat>community etc

    meaning you can normally click back to the front page but witht he method in use now it doesnt do that, bet the forum wont be as active as normal cuz not all people are PC savvy.

    the active topics and unanswered posts should be an option as on some forums i use the ‘view all new posts’ link but with how many sections this forum has i think itd hinder rather than help by auto sending members to it without at least having a header link to the main page of forum.

    sorry for moaning as its not my forum i know but i found it a bit of a pain getting my self out of their and realising that the forum hasnt been changed.

    ill leave it with as i dont want to seem un grateful in anyway.



    im with foo i thought i was stuck in the unread topics/active topice page and couldnt get out… it has been confusing me a bit i did prefer it how it worked before, not the design, but id prefer the buttons to still do the same things they did before the switch if that makes any sense.

    Dont want to sound ungratefull tho.

    im sure your working hard DrB :crazy_diz