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The authorities try to find and shut them down but until now they have had no luck with that…
I cant receive it here where I am living as it too far from where they transmit from.

But I will have some look into that because with the right antenna I think it will be possible

Provided there isn’t a hill between you and the TX site (I would check this on a contour map from your national defence ministry or whoever makes them for your country, I don’t trust Google Earth and NASA to map small countries correctly) a 5 or 7 element Yagi beam should receive it. I have to use the 3 element to get stereo from the local community radio station as Ofcom limit their power to only 20W…

But no amount of antennas will make VHF go through a hill (this is why I can only receive Bawdsey and not Walton Coastguard transmissions).