General Lighting

    I’m not in any way frightened of flying but I am concerned over aviation safety particularly as a lot of my extended family are from SE Asia, so my family regularly fly from Heathrow or Stansted to Malaysia and Thailand.

    I did a fair bit of research about civil aviation and although you may hear things that may frighten or concern you, by and large it is extremely safe as there is more than one control system; for instance if NATS (air traffic control computer) malfunctions the analogue radios still work and the paper system comes in to effect.

    Aircraft are regularly checked and maintained by law, and SE Asian countries are high tech and prosperous these days (they make all our computers and gadgets after all) so the people there know what they are doing when it comes to planes..

    Pilots of both Western and Eastern airlines are drug, alcohol and psychologically tested (particularly in the current world climate) and of those who are religious far from being a threat they see it as their duty to their god (whichever ones they worship) to ensure their aircraft and passengers are safe at all time (one of my family friends is a pilot for Malaysia Airlines)

    Most of the time worst that can happen is that a flight is delayed or circled or the passengers moved to another aircraft rather than any disaster….

    I know its often seen as more a “boys thing” (sorry if that sounds sexist) but ever thought of reading about and leaning as much as you can about planes, air traffic control etc? Sometimes the best way to conquer a fear is to face it (worked for me with fear of spiders, and of being lost in open spaces!)