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djprocess;222512 wrote:
Yeah party was pretty shit TBH. No-one from sheffield there at all, all people there had travelled down from manc. not that ive got a prob with people from manc, but it was a bit wierd there was no-one from sheff. Totally different atmosphere to sheffield parties as well. I whinge sometimes that its quite hard/expensive to get k up here, im really glad now. most sheff parties everyone is dancing well into the next day and there is a really fun atmoshpere. This party hardly anybody was dancing all night and everyone was k’d out of thier minds. people looked like retards, polo noses and dribbling. it was starting to piss me off towards the next morning. ill admit i was taking some as well, but i was still able to walk and talk and didnt look like a total spazz. Also what is it with people wanting to climb up shit when on k? i really dont get it. I saw people climbging trees as soon as i got there and i thought this is gonna end badly, then later on in the night some girl fell from the tree and broke her leg and a ambulance had to be called. On the plus side it was in a really nice spot and the few people i spoke to that made sense, were quite sound. Also i dont feel like shit today for a change cause the party was on friday. definatly the way forward if you ask me…

dear oh dear oh dear matthew. this is what happens when you gloat. the party on saturday was fucking AMAZING and it didnt rain once…told you so!:laugh_at::laugh_at: