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    @The Psyentist 542021 wrote:

    I think I’ve fallen out of love with my girlfriend. I know I must be difficult to put up with with my mental health but that was there at the beginning of our relationship. My girlfriend has been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and it’s altered her entire personality. I feel horrible saying this (and even worse inside for feeling it) but she’s changed to the point where she is no longer the woman I fell in love with. I used to feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I looked into her eyes but now all I feel is sorrow. I really feel like the woman I loved has literally died and been replaced by a physical replica with a different personality. I’ve expressed how I feel and as it turns out she feared this would happen as she was aware of the changes taking place, I know she still loves me and believes things will go back to the way they are. They won’t though and now I feel trapped.

    This is coming from someone with little relationship advice so be wary..

    Personally, mate, I think that if you aren’t happy whats the point in being in the relationship? It is clearly having its toll on your mental health, at least it seems so from my perspective. It might be wise to at least put things on a ‘break’ until you feel more comfortable in your own mind and have your own life sorted – that is what I did with regards to some things in my life and it really helped. It is difficult trying to tackle 50 problems at once but when you break it down and take them one by one you will make a lot more progress.
    Good luck either way and I wish you a positive future man.