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    And don’t you think that the fella who played John Conner in T2 was a little fraggle.

    Naaaaaaah man! Edward Furlong in my opinion did a great job of it, I couldn’t iagine many other kids doing a better job. If anything, it was a bit daft that John Connor was only 10 years old in the movie, yet there he was tearing the arse off a motorbike, scamming cash machines and buying beer from off licenses without being I.D’d (okay I made that last one up).

    Movie bosses did everything they could, even paying for rehab I think, to get Edward in a good enough state to make the T3 movie but he just wasn’t up to it. That said, a coked up, doped up Edward Furlong would have made a better effort than that other guy who replaced him.

    In the T1 movie bosses had originally had in mind for the hero part to be played by Arnie, but after reading the script Arnie told the movie bosses he much rather prefers to play the role of the Terminator. And as Jeremy Clarkson put it, it was a brilliant idea – they got a big, huge robot to play the part of a big, huge robot :ar15: