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yeah, ive been twice and my grandparents on my dads side were both austrian.

it is a gorgeous country, and Vienna is absolutely beautiful, with amazing architecture, mainly dating back to the austro-hungarian empire. Vienna was then the imperial capital, and was far more important culturally and economically, than it is today.

Austria is one of only 2 truly alpine european nations, so u will be well set up if u have ever harboured any interest skiin/boarding, or just like the idea of proppa mountains, cos its lovely in the summer too.

Austrians are generally friendly, altho they are quite conservative. Because my folks fled before the war (my gran was jewish and my grandad a communist) i am biased, but Vienna isnt the quite the cosmopolitan place that it once was, and the right wingers are quite a significant political influence.

Have a look at the media stuff about the recent death of Jorg Haider, to see what i mean. He was the most charismatic right wing politician in Austria, v controversial, but it has come out since his death that his political ‘right hand man’ was his boyfriend, ha ha! :laugh_at: I think the negatives i’m talking about are mainly in the older generation anyway, so its not really a reason for not goin…

and having said all that, i think Austria is a really fantastic place to live and work, there are so many positives its hard to know where to start…

I guess you might have to interview out there, so i guess u would get a chance to to look around then.

i’m jealous! 😉