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    Elisha wrote:
    Hi Mr. AHC,

    If you had a bit more to go by then what has been said here, or what you have imagined, you may not put things as you have. I’ve known the guy for almost 20 years, and power hungry does not at all fit in the picture. Also, if you were to come here to visit, as the FBI and State Police have done, you may exclaim as they did; that if all communities were as this one, the world would be a better, more livable place.

    Like you say you know the guy personly, I’ve no doubt viseted stranger places out of curiosity. I wont judge till i’ve found out myself unless its a proven thing thats theres wrong doing going on complete with inpartial evidence.

    Thanks for your invite but;

    A) I’m not that intrested unless you have an enviromental progect going on complete with an organic small holding

    B) I’m not allowed in the US as I have been in trouble for drugs.