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    @deacon_dj 562579 wrote:

    It is wonderful to have all the browsers working. Is there a solution for the smartphone and tablet streaming???

    unfortunately the ecosystems of these are made to nudge online broadcasters towards coding their own unique aps, and no one wants to share an app that just works as a media player for all streams without delivering some adverts (which may not be in line with your beliefs/principles, and are an annoyance anyway).

    RMNL share two links, one has an online browser player, the other is the raw link to their server which will work with any device but has to be cut and pasted. They do have an Android app but its shared with all the other worldwide franchises and when I tried it it always reset to the American stream rather than stay on the Dutch one…

    their online listeners are going to range from tech savvy kids to middle aged folk who invested in a first generation internet radio which usually only plays back MP3 streams (newer ones will do AAC+, but will also receive DAB and they have licenses for both DAB+ and analogue MF (AM) – I can receive the analogue MF signal in England quite easily, albeit subject to noise/atmospherics). Such devices are popular with North Europeans as they already have a culture of listening to radio (often a larger size set with good audio quality) via a cable as the PTT (telecom company) provided this service alongside cable TV.

    As a religious station you may have an advantage as religion teaches younger people to help the elders, and to be patient and put effort into getting results. TBH I would suggest using your stations website to share info on where to get the best media players for each device from and how to set them up…