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Dan Ooops

    Its called High Speed Downlink Packet Access, and currently running at 7.2 Mbit/second:weee: . VF use it in the UK, Oraange are catching up. T-mob and O2 are still a bit behind. It needs the network and the phone to have the correct hardware….samsung F700 can run at 7.2, but only if you can find the right hotspot for network to keep up.

    Next year, HSUPA (uplink) will be chasing the 5Mbit/s rate, but this will take a few months to roll out across the networks. Currently no HSUPA handsets available, but data cards/usb modems will support this.

    It is alot faster than most rural landline/broadband speeds, and that is why I do not subscribe to a broadband package at home (work give me one, but I do all my personal web work on handset or data card – although my petit village only has GPRS at present):cry: . HSDPA/HSUPA is a 3G system, so only works where there is an existing 3G network and it has been upgraded.

    :laugh_at: WoW! I’ve never talked about my speciality online before – this is a first.

    Have no idea what the cat signifies thoughraaa