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    @p0ly 364387 wrote:

    get a job and go sixth form? =D

    LMAO 😀

    if there’s only black and white… p0ly is grey. ffs :weee:

    I reckon if you’ve got the smarts to pass a course that is valuable in the “outside world” do it fella. It’ll expand your horizon when it comes to getting a job you enjoy.

    If, however you do film studies A level as your further education, you may as well get on the first rung of the ladder in a company who’s interesting to you instead.

    I did every course at my local college when I left school bar hairdressing, just as a way of avoiding meaningful employment, lol. Hey, it was free then 😉 and I fluked it when I left by falling into a job that had prospects :love:

    Good luck with, what was it? government & politics?