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    @1984 364360 wrote:

    11 grand isnt much man in this day and age. College College College

    its not too bad when your 16 and then minimum wage is rather low

    @General Lighting 364361 wrote:

    depends what sort of job you are planning on getting… a lot of my younger mates in their teens/20s did not stay on / dropped out of college and are finding hard to get work.

    others got apprenticeships as mechanics or electricians but the smaller local companies here don’t seem to treat their staff that well

    and most office jobs do want people with A levels – it did help when I was looking for work in 1992 but then again I didn’t want to do further/higher education (dropped out of uni after 2 years) and didn’t enjoy 6th form at all..

    but if you got something like an apprenticeship with Openreach (British Telecom) they pay quite well and send you to do training courses on electronics, I think they may also contribute towards getting a driving license – you do have to do a load of boring cable monkeying but its one of those jobs what can’t get bangalored as the telephone wires have to stay in Britain..

    i did look at BT apprenticeship, but ya need an ICT A-level, which is also one of the reasons i joined 6th form, incase i wanted the apprenticeship.

    Anyway, general consensus is that i should stay on in education, so i shall take your golden words and be in school for a teaching of government & politics @ 8:20 tomorrow :love: