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    haha yeah my job is getting like that a bit .. been doing it for about a year and even with that lenth of stretch i can come in absoultly wankered and they wont even notice .. the sad part is i dont really talk to many of the people there as i just dont seem to fit in .. (normaly i have no problem with this kinda stuff) but there just all stuck in there ways and i dont think really adapt well to new people .. and tbh i am not the most acseptable person at the best of times (even with my mates sometimes lol) i just hate feeling like shit on a monday so tend not to go out too much now days other than if i can book the monday off … used to be a firday night to sunday night no sleep party person tho .. probably why i ended up such a fucking spaz lol …

    on another note i met this dude in the volks brighton about 5 years ago who used to be maried and was in his mid 40’s .. had recently split up with his missus and decided to go the same way you have and just go raving again alot .. he seemed soo bloody happy .. imo you just have to go to the right places and not mix with the dick heads that seem to have infiltraded the sceen more than ever .. wether it be finding a nice little club that plays what you like or finding a small crew somewhere .. 😉