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    @hairygrape 269453 wrote:

    Woah, they have proper earplugs for this kind of stuff? I’ve just been using the cheap-ass Boots orange foam ones! Research time!!!

    Mine are Alpine (don’t know the model number). I don’t think they are the same alpine who make car audio.

    I got them from and they come with a selection of 3 different filters. I’m fairly impressed with them. They don’t have too much of a negative effect on the sound and you really notice the difference if you take them out at any point.

    It’s definitely nice to come home without ringing ears, especially if standing close to a dj monitor blasting out all night (which are usually one of the worst culprits if you are a dj.

    Suprisingly it also makes it easier to understand what people are saying in loud environments. It’s also a god send when you get those shouty people who love getting right up to your earhole and shouting at the top of their voice. You get that smug feeling of security, similar to laying in bed when it’s pissing it down outside.