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    DontBeliveTheHype!;269667 wrote:
    is that the click noise that loads of prang people think is some one starting to listen into there call when they are in mid convosation?

    This is actually what happens when the timing on a digital circuit goes a bit off or the echo canceller breaks down (usually due to too much background noise or someone shouting into the phone like the Dom Joly character :laugh_at:). there is nothing sinister about it, it happens due to the way the telephone network works (or doesn’t).

    The days of people splicing into phone lines and tapping them with crude analogue equipment stopped when I was about 10 or 11 years old.

    is that the siren esc noise you get after leaving the phone off the hook for too long (i think designed to wake up dead people if they die tring to call 999:laugh_at:)?

    nah, thats a howler and is a carefully generated noise – it is either the * and # sounds alternately (like a “nee naw” sound)- or four tones 1400 Hz, 2060 Hz, 2450 Hz, and 2600 Hz played repeatedly for 0.1s with a 0.1s gap…

    (I design phone systems for a living and have to make sure this tone is generated when people in the office leave the phones off hook)

    random digital noise is extremely nasty when it gets converted into analogue, it sounds like of a radio tuned to no signal but much harsher and louder.. it will either fuck up your ears or your speakers wherever it ends up…