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    General Lighting;269585 wrote:
    one common form of this signal is a pip at 1Khz, 0dB every second which most people are familiar with 😉

    is that the click noise that loads of prang people think is some one starting to listen into there call when they are in mid convosation?

    [EDIT] just realised you ment the talking clock lol

    General Lighting;269585 wrote:
    also a digital audio circuit where the clock has slipped will produce random noise pegged at the highest audio level. If this is fed to analogue convertors and then to the headphones or a telephone handset it will give the listener a nasty shock (actually called an “acoustic shock…”)

    is that the siren esc noise you get after leaving the phone off the hook for too long (i think designed to wake up dead people if they die tring to call 999:laugh_at:)?