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    AGENT 15;269470 wrote:
    Ear defenders are the way ahead even if its just the foam ones (pm me if you want any and you cant afford them ) will offer some degree of protection, i suffer with tinnitus (that high pitch ringing in your ears?) thanks to many years of partying to loud music , its incureable and trying to sleep with it can be unbearable .

    If your regularly out partying £60 is fcuk all when compared to going deaf get some custom ones made Earplugs for Musicians, DJ’s, Travel and Sleeping from Sensorcom i got mine form here they do a massive range at various prices, these guys know their stuff.

    if i was to buy them .. and go out to dj should i wear them when djing? .. or is it just for b4 and after sets? .. if you are suposed to wear them when djing? .. won’t they mess with the sound quality and posibaly make me mess up/degrade my mix?