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    @Iacchus 421267 wrote:

    heh nice one thats some specific instructions I’ll give it a whirl cheers! What synth do you use? NI massive? Hear that’s the shizzle

    Hahaha, no worries. Synthesis is my fav. part of production, so I’m always happy to talk about it! ‘s just SO fun, innit.

    I mostly use Albino and Vanguard, though I have a demo version of Massive which I’ve totally and utterly fallen in love with. Love the wavetable synthesis shizz, makes for lush evolving pads… the oscillator waveforms are fucking ace too, esp. the inharmonic ones. 😀 Oh and, of course, the modulation! Every fucking parameter (!) is able to be modulated by typical LFOs and envelopes, as well as this cool step sequencer thing (kinda like a sample and hold LFO waveform but you can draw in the steps yourself) and this other wicked rhythmic envelope generator with pre-drawn shapes… really good for teh funk!!!

    Yeah, I’m basically dying to get a proper copy of it running, as it is (IMO) one of the only soft synths on the market that rivals the Virus in terms of sonic capability. 😀