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@Tank Girl 405918 wrote:

Hello friends!!

sorry I’ve been a bit shit ….

essays (that I’m still not much further on)

and mental new work is my excuse for not being around so much….

but decided to take a night off and am on the ‘wrong-un’ :laugh_at::laugh_at:


have just locked my finger in a door and walked up the shop for more …..

bad girl :weee: raaa

how is everyone?? :group_hug:group_hug:group_hug

seriously how can you keep drinking that?! i had a can at a party the other week not had one in years and it lives up to the name, did taste proper wrong. tbf i used to love it tho, before i got shown the error of my ways by some guy i met who when ever he saw me with a can of it would grab it and sling it as far as he could and then give me one of his special ciders that he’d bought! :laugh_at:

he probably wouldnt be that happy that my cider of choice is scrumpy jack tho either..

good luck with your essays tomo! 😉