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    1. He’s a pot-smokin hypocriteHe called drug use by kids today “life threatening” yet described theassloads of drugs he and his contemporaries did in the 60’s as “innocent”Gee, do you think all those spliffs addled his brain?2. He’s an iron-fisted tyrant.The outspoken vegetarian once forbade anyone working at his concert fromeating meat. He ven hired former intelligence agents to spy on people tomake sure they didn’t have beefy contraband.3. He let Linda sing.No disrespect to the dead, Paul, but you couldn’t find a single four-incestrip of duct tape?4. He’s a cheap bastard.When McCartney–who is said to be worth more than $1 Billion–threw abirthday party for his fiancee’ last year, the “richest man in pop music”made his guests pay for their drinks at a cash bar.5. His band mates despised him.The Beatles sang about love and understanding, yet even THEY hated Paul.That’s why George wrote the song, “I Me Mine”, and John penned “How Do youSleep?” Ringo…well, he was just Ringo.6. He’s a cold-hearted jerk.Asked what he thought about John Lennon’s tragic death in 1980, he said,”It’s a drag”, Allegations that he referred to Satan as “rather uncool”couldnt’ be verified at press time
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