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DiscoTeam;229525 wrote:
not so much a bad day, i just hate life at the moment it all seems so pointless, work to get paid, buy things i dont need get fired by some cunt because of some other cunt bum about with no real purpose or intent when all i want to do is create, paint, draw, scultp and live in peace. but living in peace costs money and its money i dont have………. i guess its reality hitting me. life is a pointless struggle when all we should be doing is fucking and hunting.

Yeh man, kind of seems like a pointless cycle at times eh? I keep telling myself to never become a wage slave but I guess in many respects I already am. I just hope that once I’ve finished at Uni I can find a way of making a living whilst doing something I enjoy and love…but I’m pretty sure thats something everyone dreams of 😉