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    there was a brief outcry from the liberal media which was swiftly ignored. In Utah the religious lot have the power – they even have restrictions on alcohol

    the “civil liberties” civil lawsuit was dismissed by the federal judge and the county were planning to countersue the rave organisers for their costs. I think this means the Courts have said “the cops were in the right – end of story”

    (NB: I am no expert on US law, any Americans here are welcome to elaborate on what happened or the implications of this…) – Judge Dismisses Rave-bust Lawsuit

    Rave-bust Lawsuit Dismissed by US Federal Judge – Phil Law Weblog

    Here in England, the Met and Essex have closed down legal events using CJA powers (which they are lawfully entitled to do) but in both cases that was because violence broke out at these events.

    Although I hope it would be very unlikely the same level of force is used against a legal UK rave (although armed units are now always on standby in London) there are plenty of UK counties where there is often a blanket refusal for rave licenses and has been for nearly 20 years. Certainly Surrey has this ruling, also some areas of Essex and Suffolk.