Forums The Vibe Chat Does anyone here play KoL? Re: Does anyone here play KoL?

    Tank Girl wrote:

    I thought you could only play for an hour a day,
    its now an argument as to who gets the P.C :laugh_at:
    he has assended (?) and now is starting all over again……..

    haha! Yeah when you get more skilled at it you manage to make your sessions last a bit longer.

    He’s ascended eh? That’s good going. This is the second time I’ve played it and I keep being a bit slack and not playing it for a week or so. I’ve not managed to ascened yet.

    JonnyQ: I couldn’t get in to Mass Effect. It’s blatantly a wicked game for the right person but it wasn’t for me. I couldn’t get in to the combat system, it seemed to clunky. For some reason I never really get on with space RPG’s.