Forums Music VJing do you NEED fog/smoke for a decent lazer show? Re: do you NEED fog/smoke for a decent lazer show?

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    yes, fog and smoke makes it better. But the fog machines are cheap and safe anyway, and far less risk and hassle than lasers.

    Lasers are pretty, but I would very strongly advise you against shining any form of strong laser or lighting effect into outside locations without actually getting the event licensed.

    Round here there are loads of aerodromes, large and small, and unwanted light in the skies is a danger to aviation. OK you are unlikely to bring a 747 full of people down al-quaeda style, but there are lots of local people who fly small light aircraft as a hobby and you may be putting these chaps in danger.

    Also read up about lasers and what class 1/2/3a/3b means. Even some of the cheap ones sold to anybody from electronics catalogue these days are very strong and you can put someones eye out with them or set something alight if you are not careful. That is the sort of fuckup that will not just get you arrested but you crew possibly sued in civil court by the victim and their relatives, who could have once even been your best friends.