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    i believe religion can be a good and bad thing it gives people hope through bad times, but also fucks peoples heads up by making them very narrow minded and unwilling to accept other peoples viewpoints. I also think some religions seem to take a lot just so as to give faith to poor people. I mean look at how rich some of the churches are while some of the people live in poverty. Also religion is a man made thing. just look at the ancient greek gods they were all personifications of peoples ideas of what a god should look like. The god of wine was a big fat jolly pissed guy. And the christian image of god is a wise old man with a beard.

    I do belive in something, just not sure what. I think there is something that sort of runs through everything in the universe and connects everything/everyone. I reckon if our minds/souls can be seperated from our bodies through meditation or drugs then i think this is probably what would happen when we die, fuck knows what happens after that.

    You gotta keep an open mind though otherwise its just as bad as the really religious people that refuse to even except the idea that there may not be a god.