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    april wrote:
    in cod……………i mean GOD…
    coz…im not sure im not religious an i dont believe in the bible i believe in evolution…an the bible is full of stories that have a moral….if there is good there is bad…an i kind of believe people can get overtook by evil…an if a major life threatening thing happened to me …i probably would say my prayers….i believe in our bodies having a soul an when you die it goes off to some other place…..
    how about you….[/quote-bones]…where does it (the invisible soul) go?….please don’t mention heaven….(we have more chance of going to ‘Mars’ in our life-time)…The evolution part is correct, and during the process we have developed the ability to ‘think out-side’ of ourselves’….we have ‘evolved’ that ability.

    Man first developed that ability 50,000 years ago…That was about the time that ‘man’ began to ‘bury dead bodies’….The first inklings of an ‘after-live’, The bodies would even be buried with food, obviously to help man on his long journey…But it was only 6,000 years ago that man evolved to ‘Socially Construct’ (construct= create by organising and linking ideas, arguments, and concepts) the ‘god idea’…:cry:

    ‘There must be gods’ they said, they had no knowledge, they were very simple minded people in those days, (they still thought the world was flat then, and people lived to 999 years of age)

    Out of the millions of gods that man constructed, one, simply had to be more powerful than the next man’s god…And so it went on and on and ‘oh my god!’ it’s still going on….:you_crazy

    The morals of the ‘christian bible’(R) are, ‘Pure Buddism!’(Shareware) -Jesus studied Buddhism, in India, present day Nepal, from the age of 14-29, he then returned to Palestine, (his body was buried in ‘Kashmir’ at the ripe old age of 84, he died of natural causes, ie, old age!) and preached his new wisdom to the masses, that were simply fed-up at not being accepted as pure ‘jews’(tm)…:group_hug Jesus was also a vegetarian, something else that the Buddhist monks taught him…(it is also from Buddhism, that the christians decided to copy monks, priests, nuns, and last but not least, the monastery)…But then again, Buddhism is about 450 years older than christianity….

    ALL THE ABOVE IS TRUE, I CAN PROVE IT TO ANYONE THAT WANTS TO KNOW!……and you can make your own mind-up about the rest……..

    “Fuck the rabbi’ and his polic’E’y, and the fucking ‘law’,..(that was the closest concept of a ‘police farce’ that they had in those days)….’oh fuck it, what about the Romans?’….’Fuck the Romans, lets have a fucking

    Jesus was pissed off, because the ‘Chief Rabbi was charging his mates to get into the after-party!….’You greedy bastards! You’ve already charged us ‘3ree squid’…..Do you think we’re made of fish?..:weee: .The tables went flying, knocking the chief Rabbi to the ground…
    :hopeless: :sign0024: :crazy: :sign0026:

    All hell broke loose, Jesus ran for the nearest cover, it just happend to be in a ‘cavern’, the ‘Jesus crew’ ran for their lives’, as fast as they could get one leg in front of the other, they did, they were ‘tripping’ up all over the place… :laugh_at:

    They were ‘underground’ now and couldn’t see a fucking thing…

    “What’s that noise?” said Peter…”I can hear music!” said Paul…That’s not music you fucking hippy!…’They are known as repetitive beats’…said Jesus… ‘don’t they teach ya anything’…I’ve been in India for 15 years, and I’ve heard of them, you must take a trip to Goa with me, I’ll show you!…’go where?’ said Peter…’shut-up!’ said Jesus…I’ll have to ‘Stay-up-for-ever! if I explain now’…

    Jesus was looking around now, and he noticed a liberating figure in the distance…’Yo! Chris, hows tricks bruv?’… Oi! Oi! dude, wheres ya been man?’…’Oh, you know, I had to travel over hills and valleys, just to find this here good, good sensi!’…(abbreviation of sensimillia=spanish for ‘no seed’)…

    ‘Anyway sweet cheeses’!…I must be off now, I’m on the decks in a bit, I have a wicked new mixer, ‘it makes squiggly noises and everything!’ he said excitedly!…

    There was a shout from the darkness!….

    ‘Oi, Don’t get all technical now, and stop showing off’….Said Dave the Drummer, “this is my gaff, and what I say goes ok!”…You!…yeah! you Jesus!…If your on the blag again, then get behind that fucking bar, we are running out of wine….”Oh my god!”…said Jay (his street name)…where’s the nearest offie?
    :good_evil :bounce_g: :good_evil:bounce_fl :good_evil

    to be continued…….

    ps, I am not a Buddhist, I study psycholgy, and specialise in the workings of the mind…The human mind has not stopped evolving yet, but it does mean that some people have not evolved the ability to ‘think’ at higher levels…Some people still believe in ‘ghosts’…etc

    Just look at what the churches of the world are trying to do now…In Africa, the birth place of humanity, the powers that be, offer food in return for faith in the un-known…I suppose if I was starving to death, I would be prepared to believe in anything if it meant having a full belly…

    Other than that, hardly anyone with any knowledge believes that crap…..From my own experience, anyone that does believe in that kind of non-sense, generally have an extremly LOW I.Q…If anyone is offended by this, then it’s you I’m speaking of….nuff said….Amen!